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Welcome to CoParent Courage

CoParent Courage is an exploration into the Possibility of what life could look like free from the constraints of the past and creating a Culture in which your child is raised with love and compassion.

Come with me on a journey of Self-Discovery as we put in place useful and powerful tools that you can begin using immediately to be self-expressed and truly heard by your CoParent.

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The CoParent Courage Podcast

ReCreating Your CoParent

This discussion is about Re-creating your CoParent as someone you choose. You might not choose his or her actions necessarily, but you choose that person as the Parent to your precious and amazing children. Choice is more than "tolerating" or "getting along", it's about being able to freely accept them, as Previous Life Partner, "Co-Parent" and Parent to your kids.

You can use the an exercise I describe in detail to really see a situation for what it is and to get your own form of clarity when the pain gets difficult to manage. It's a good one that you can use anytime.

I discuss our eco-system and how to create, from nothing, the CoParenting Culture that we want for ourselves and our Children.

As you know, being a CoParent is a lot of responsibility and requires patience, love and acceptance.

This first episode lays the foundation of really choosing your CoParent for not only the sake of your children, but to create a space that allows you to truly be yourself.

Learn it here.

Custody Without Courts

In this episode I talk about how to avoid the legal system when it comes to the Custody of your child.

What remains a constant is that you need to ask for what you want, as clearly as possible an without any sort of expectations.

I talk about how to ask for what you want and why clarity is of the utmost importance. It's getting past the negative "stories" and really cutting to what matters the most to you.

I discuss putting natural checks and balances into place so that you can both listen and be heard by your CoParent to create a safe and comfortable life for your kids, while maintaining a consistent but flexible schedule.

Finally, I discuss what to do (and how to recognize) when emotions come up that are going to hinder you getting what you want from your CoParent.

The real key is to balance communication (as in, it's never "over-communicating" when talking about your child), and flexibility when it comes to both time and integrity.

Read it here.

Pride and Posse

This Podcast is all about Influence.

Specifically influences on you and whom you influnce.

Ultimately, you become what you think about, so dwelling on negative things is only going to bring you down.

So, really, you are going to want to hang out with people whom you want to be more like.

I discuss a recurring concept called "Mature Boundary" that describes, in detail, what is necessary to create the type of influnce you want to have.

Finally, I give an awesome technique when it comes to avoiding criticism and offering sincere praise in return.

This third episode offers a critical skill when it comes to communication with your CoParent.

Learn it here.

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